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My Models 

Some pages load a little slow,  but i thought most visitors

would appreciate the larger pic sizes "For claritys sake"

Click on individual cars for a larger image

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Phantom Chevy 4x4 Supercrew Pickup

'72 Chevy Blazer 4x4 '72 Chevy Pickup 4x4

Orange '70 Chevy Chevelle Yellow '70 Chevy Chevelle

'32 Ford Prowlerdeuce Ford Maverick

Panther Pink '71 Plymouth Duster '57 Chrysler 300 Custom

'65 Chevy ElCamino '69 Chevy Chevelle Pro Street

ProStreet Chevy Impala 'Snapper' '97 Ford Crown Victoria

'62 Chevy Belair Prostreet '55 Chevy Belair Pro Street

'57 Chevy Belair Black Cherry Hot Rod '57 Chevy Belair Pacific Blue Hot Rod

'67 Chevy Chevelle '65 Chevy Impala

Black '66 Chevy II (Nova) Pro Street Teal '66 Chevy II (Nova) Pro Street

Orange '66 Chevy II (Nova) Pro Street

Ivory '66 Chevy II (Nova) Pro Street Red '66 Chevy II (Nova) Pro Street

Kenji Okasaki Funny Car

Charcoal Porsche 911

1/8th Scale Porsche 911 by Pocher

Chopped (Resin) Blazer

Ongoing projects

Project Page(s)

Readers Rides Gallery

"If you are an adult modeler I'm sure you (as I do) can see the importance in encouraging our younger generation (as well as adults) in this hobby (or any constructive hobby for that matter)"